About Us

We are experts when it comes to recruiting employees and business management. Our Company optimizes clients’ businesses using a program that simplifies the work process and cuts excessive costs so businesses may run efficiently. Clients from small to large public and private organizations rely on Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd.’s.

Our service

Offering excellent services is Innovation Outsourcing’s goal.

Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd.
is the professional of recruiting and managing human resources to match the requirements of our clients’ businesses. We offer all round services that include outsourcing and setting operations specifically designed to support each organization and work smoothly along company executives and staff. Our management plans can run in accordance to businesses that are adapting at all times. Development is made possible because our Company utilizes a modern program in the process. This program helps analyze which step may be eliminated in order to speed up operations. Clients who have used our services are satisfied with the results.
Apart from that, we are also experts in strategic planning and business strategies. Led by a team of consultants and knowledgeable specialists with seasoned experience, we are able to combine our thoughts and opinions to develop management. This way, business key performance indicators (KPIs) and client requirements can be reached. Our goal is to support and strengthen businesses to boost their competitivenous for a stable and sustainable future.
Trust Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd.’s 20 years of experience to propel your organization towards success. With our know-hows, we will shape your business with our strong determination to develop human resources and work operations to be acknowledged by other private and public organizations.

Why choose us


Seek outsourced positions quickly

With our broad connections, we are able to recruit outsourced positions from a range of industries within a short period of time. Moreover, we can develop their potential and train skills required for our client’s vacant position. This means that the candidate is able to work immediately.

Excellent work quality

The outsourced candidates that we seek and offer for clients are all quality workforces with experience called for in the vacancy. Because they must pass our training in compliance to company policies, they will be able to fulfill the assigned job description effectively.

Team of experts

Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd.’s expert team are knowledgeable and experienced. They are ready to provide consultations, assistance, and support to successfully manage employees within an organization. They will also recommend guidelines for assigned operations and closely follow up on the progress.


The experience that Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd. has accumulated is used to create successful operation guidelines. These know-hows are then passed onto our teams who help clients plan strategies, manage their resources, and fortify their organization’s structure effectively.


Our Company is proud of our success with over two decades of experience and quality services;


We added marketing strategy planning services and created brand representatives for our existing accounts to strengthen their businesses.


We continued optimizing our organization and realized the importance of developing human resources. This led to expanding our scope of service to include outsourcing services as well.


One Stop Express Co., Ltd. changed its corporate name to Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd., increased the registered capital, and relocated our office to a better place to support our business’s growth.


Since we received a multitude of positive feedback from our business partners, we expanded our scope of services from only providing temporary staff for offices to including other types of contracted staff into our available services.


One Stop Express Co., Ltd. was established to recruit, develop, and train employees for clients.


We analyze and seek methods to develop our clients’ organizations from their staff to their working systems. The Company’s experienced staff possesses skills that meet global standards, helping grow your business’s competency as well as cutting any excessive management costs.


1. Develop human resources and work systems for the organization’s highest interests.
2.Offer the best outcomes for our clients.
3. Create a promising organization that has competitive potential as well as lessening any unneccessary management costs.
4. Improve human resources to meet global standards.


Company policies are set with a goal to provide clients and business partners with international standard services. We work towards developing human resources, operation systems, and the organization of our clients. Policies also include nurturing a friendly working environment for our staff’s better life quality and happiness in their professional life.


Development and Learning

We are open to lifelong learning to acquire new skills and experiences.

Customer Centric

We are service-minded and prioritize our clients’ success.

Competitive advantage

We strengthen our clients’ competitiveness.

Cost reduction

We control management costs.


We reinforce a standard for employees to uphold.

Corporate Culture (วัฒนธรรมองค์กร)



Create new possibilities.


Increase the solutions that are available.


Add value to the provided services.


Design services using the latest innovation.


Invent working tools that support smooth operations.


Optimize operations that are in use for higher efficiency.