Our Service

Outsourcing Service

We select quality outsourced staff who meet the requirements of your business. Clients can fully set their conditions for us to comply to. Our team can co-design a work flow that fully supports your business. Moreover, we provide follow-up services to assess the staff’s work results and can help with employee benefits. In case of an emergency, we offer a helping hand to quickly resolve the problem.

Recruitment Service

We recruit the most trustworthy choices of staff for your organization—not only to lessen the workload of your HR department, but also to expand the channels applicants may enter the workforce—thus increasing opportunities of finding an excellent match to fill the vacancy.

Check Candidates’ History andHealth

Screening a candidate’s profile, career history, and criminal history are included in our services. Health checkup services are also available to ensure that your employees are ready to work. These processes are carried out by Innovation Outsourcing Co., Ltd.’s experienced team.

Inventory Checking Service

Quality assessment and real time inventory checking are available. Clients will be notified of the results immediately after the procedure. Clients can even determine the way a report of the findings will be presented and applied as a database for their organization.

Marketing Service

We help clients create marketing plans, find brand representatives, demonstrate and test product samples, create promotional activities, select sales representatives, publicize products on online channels, and sell goods on online platforms. These steps are carried out by our wise marketing team. This team will work to lessen operation costs, increase the targeted customers’ awareness of product(s), and eliminate any complications or risks that may occur in the future.

Debt collection Service

We have been authorized by the Royal Thai Police as a debt collection agency for clients. With our experience in the field, we pursue revenue following our collection policies to be rid of non-performing loans (NPL).